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Meet Your New

We Love Our Animals!

We're so excited you're considering adding a new best friend to your family! Before you move forward, please take the time to read about how our process works to ensure there are no surprises between now and the moment you take your new dog home.


  • Adoptions are not handled on a first-come, first serve basis.

Our priority is finding the best fit between adoptive families and the animals. Our adoption process is designed to help ensure that you and your adopted pet will have a happy life together. 

  • Adoption fees are established on a case-by-case basis.

This is based on several characteristics such as age, personality, disposition, and more. The price will be listed in the memo once you click on an animal.


All of the following benefits are included with your new family member:

- Veterinarian exam

- Microchip (More info here)

- Alteration (spay/neuter)

- Appropriate vaccinations

Adoption Page

Ready to Adopt? Here's the Process.

To apply for potential adoption, hit the button below or print the application. Here's what the process looks like:


  1. Our shelter manager will receive and review your application. We strive to do this within 1-3 business days.

  2. We will check the references provided on your application, and call you if clarification is needed for any portion of your application.

  3. Prepare your family and home for a new pet. We like this article: 10 Things To Do Before Adopting>>

  4. We will contact you for the option of a meet & greet with the dog of your choice to make sure it's a great fit! You may bring your family, other animals - just let us know who's coming beforehand.

  5. If everything checks out, we'll process your adoption and send you home with your new best friend (and lots of other good information).

NOTE: If we don't yet have the perfect dog for you, fill out our application anyway! Your application remains in our system for a year, and when you do find the perfect dog, you'll have the paperwork completed!


If you agree to this process, click the button below and submit your adoption application! 



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rescued 2022

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