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Green Eyed Cat

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Program

CCARE now serves the area with a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program! In this program, community cats are:

  1. Humanely trapped with box trap.

  2. Brought to a veterinarian to be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and ear-tipped (the universal sign that a community cat has been neutered and vaccinated).

  3. Returned to their outdoor home to live out their lives, without reproducing!

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Ending the cats’ breeding cycles will allow them to live out their natural lives without having to worry about the constant stress of pregnancies and mating. Plus, TNR doesn’t cause colonies to disappear overnight, doing so only invites new cat colonies to move in. Instead, the cats live out their natural lifespans and the colonies slowly decline in population over several years.


Studies confirm that once TNR stops reproduction and mating behaviors, the cats’ relationship with residents improves. Colonies become quieter as behaviors like yowling and fighting stop, calls to authorities regarding the cats decrease significantly, and community morale improves. That's a win-win!


In Clay Center, community cats are everywhere! We have a lot of work ahead of us in order to bring the Clay Center's cat population under control, and you can help! If you are a Clay Center resident, you may have noticed cats hanging out in your neighborhood. Whether you’re a pet owner or a feral cat caregiver, it’s important that the animals under your care are spayed or neutered.

At CCARE, a successful program means we have the support of the community:

  • Citizens monitoring colonies of cats

  • People willing to help with cat trappings

  • Caregivers to feed a colony or two - if you are taking care of a colony of cats already, please contact us at the hotline number. Trapping goes so much more smoothly in an area where the cats already have a schedule for feeding!

  • Volunteers answering hotline calls and emails

  • Supporters to place door hangers the week prior to trapping.


All skills are helpful and needed! If you are interested in being part of the solution, please contact our TNR Hotline at (785) 630-5656.

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