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The general costs of our services are below, but every situation is different. Please know that these are subject to change based on the situation. CCARE reserves the right to assess fees accordingly. We encourage you to start a conversation about your specific needs, and we can go from there.


Typically $150 for a fully vaccinated altered dog. Fees can vary, more info on our Adoptions page.


$40, subject to our discretion based on the situation. More info on our Strays page.

Stray Reclaims

$30 + $5 per day that your dog has been at CCARE (first offense). More info on our Lost & Found page.


$30 per new chip, $10 per update. Chip only, not registration, more info on our Microchipping page.

Owner Surrenders

$50 - $75 based on dog. Subject to CCARE's discretion, more info on our Surrenders page.

All Other Fees

Unique situations come up all the time! You can always give us a call to talk things through.

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