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Pet Relinquishment

Please read this information in its entirety, so that you can give our facility the very best opportunity to help your pet. Below are the steps we ask you to take.

Step 1: Research other solutions first. 

Many minor behavioral problems can be corrected quickly and inexpensively by asking the right person. Spaying and neutering can reduce destructive/aggressive behaviors as well as running at large. If your income is insufficient to care for a pet you can seek assistance through various local charitable entities.

Are you experiencing a tough time? We believe no one should have to surrender a pet they love dearly due to financial hardship. Please reach out to us, we will help in any way we can to to increase pet retention and deter unnecessary pet surrender.


Step 2: Try to re-home the pet yourself. 

Social media is a wonderful thing! The perfect home for your pet may be right in front of you. We highly suggest using the Facebook Group ​Lost & Found Pets Clay Center. This is group is filled with dog lovers and people who want to help animals find their homes.

Tip: Don't list your dog for free - that is an invitation for your dog ending up in a home with bad intentions. Even a small fee helps to avoid people with the wrong intentions.

Step 3: Contact us for a surrender appointment.

Surrenders must be arranged prior to coming to the shelter. To start this process, call or email us. Upon approval, you'll be sent our surrender form which can be printed or completed online. When that is complete, our Manager will coordinate a time that works for you to bring your pet to CCARE. Without contacting us first, you are not guaranteed a surrender approval.

Things to Note...

DUMPING IS ILLEGAL! It's also not safe. Do not dump or abandon animals on a highway. This crime is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000, 6 months in jail, or both.



Honesty is the best policy. It is never a good idea to set your pet loose for the purpose of having it impounded as a stray. If we receive your pet as a stray, it will be kept for 3 business days waiting for someone to claim it, before being prepared for adoption. Not only will your pet experience stress during this time, it will be occupying valuable space for animals that are available for adoption.


By properly surrendering your pet, you can also provide us with important details about your pet that will prevent unnecessary surgeries and help it find the right home. 


Relinquishment Fees

CCARE may spend up to $400 preparing your pet for adoption. We try to keep your fee low to discourage the dumping of owned animals. Fees typically range from $50-$75 depending on your dog's alteration, their vaccination status, and where you have residency. All fees are subject to our discretion based on the situation.


Follow-Up Discussion & Outcome

It is common for previous pet owners to request follow-up phone calls. Please understand that due to the number of intakes and our staff of one, this is not possible. Your pet will be listed on the adoptable animals page of our website until it leaves the facility.

Euthanasia is unlikely, but never impossible. Since our shelter is privately run and strives to be a no-kill facility, we strive to find homes for every adoptable dog. However, this does not guarantee a live outcome for every animal that enters the system. CCARE has developed guidelines to provide live outcomes for our dogs, and we never euthanize animals due to space or length of stay. There must be a severe medical condition and/or severe behavioral problems for an animal to be euthanized.

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